Oh Shit.

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Anonymous asked: Hurry up nd post videos holy

Get a hobby, maybe you should start with cleaning your own ass?

Anonymous asked: What's your view on weed? Do you or would smoke? Thank you :)

It’s another tool of oppression :)

Sorry for the lacvk of posts, I’ve been pretty busy going to school again ughj

Anonymous asked: Since Iggy is the top female rapper now, do you think she'll stay on top for long?

School is literally so annoying 

Beyonce left us souless


White girls need to stop thinking they can fight lmao


Remember when Falen watched herself get her ass beat on national television while on national television, to then get her ass beat by Mehgan again on national television?

Anonymous asked: My life is so much better now that I found your blog

When someone says my shoes are ugly

4 days ago
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