Oh Shit.
This is a blog of girl fights.

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Anonymous asked: vous êtes parfait


Well suposedly there’s at least 6 people in the world that look identical to you…

Anonymous asked: Every time I see that video "Lauren shut the fuck up" gets me. It's the best line in all fight videos.

Me too lmao

Anonymous asked: everytime i see the gif of Nia i could just feel the headache coming on that other girls fucking head omg

I wish that I could have thast moment for life

Anonymous asked: Your eyebrows & eyes & teeth & lips & beauty marks... ON POINT YAAAAAS


Anonymous asked: The only people who fight in these videos are Mexicans and black people. So basically ratchet fucks who aren't going to collage and still wear addidas.....

You can’t even spell college right you ignorant bitch

Me beating your ass

Those sirens in the background made this fight seem like it was a life or death battle

About me, since you guys are always asking :)

"You havin fun? I am", somebody get their grandma!!!!

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