Oh Shit.

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Anonymous asked: my friend said she was gonna whoop a bitch ass in the name of jesus, lmfaoo


Anonymous asked: When are you coming back from vacation

July 29

Anonymous asked: You don't post any fucking videos anymore. You used to be the number one tumblr for girl fights but now your blog has turned into a giant pile of shit. The only things you do post are the few messages people send you, if you're not a fight blog anymore u should delete. Ugh you're annoying

I’m still on vacation, lmao I’m out here enjoying myself and you’re mad af in your house over a blog online. Love yourself

Anonymous asked: I hope you had fun on your vacation! I miss you posting soooo much! Can't wait!

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: You are soo cute!

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: This girl is trying to fight me and at the moment I have cold sores. Should I kiss her and give them to her or is that going to far?

How would you kiss her in the first place? 😐

Middle school is truly an interesting time



Camilla V.S. Mimi,Elease, and Amy. Camilla V.S. Amy round 2

"Yo’ face look like a motherfucking shoe Bitch! From Payless!"

Anonymous asked: That little boy is sooo cuuuute💕💕😩😩😩😩😩😩😩uuggghhhh

That’s my brother thank you!